New dashboards for adaptation policies, planning and implementation

The purpose of the webinar is to showcase new and updated knowledge resources on Climate-ADAPT, supporting adaptation policies, planning and implementation, in particular at regional and local levels. Examples of new resources, implemented in the second semester of 2023, are a new dashboard on adaptation policies, available at the EEA's 'Climate and Energy in the EU portal', an update of the Climate-ADAPT country profiles on adaptation actions at national levels, and the new Adaptation Dashboard of the EU Mission on Adaptation to Climate Change Portal. The webinar will also provide a broad overview on new developments on other topics and actions, foreseen in the first semester of 2024. In interactive sessions, feedback will be gathered on the new content and functionalities as well as envisaged priorities from the perspective of Climate-ADAPT users and providers.  

The European Climate Adaptation Platform Climate-ADAPT

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